Sending Reminders
Sending reminders to complete lessons to trainees
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Administrators and supervisors have the ability to send reminder emails to trainees for lessons which are Due or Overdue. Lessons which are scheduled for a future date will not have the option of sending reminders. 

Reminders may be sent to just one trainee or multiple trainees at the same time. When sending a reminder email to a single trainee, the administrator can edit the email that will be sent to the trainee. The option to edit an email will not be available when the administrator decides to send multiple reminder emails at once. 

All trainees are automatically sent a reminder email when the lesson becomes overdue. To send additional reminders to an overdue user, or to remind users who are nearing the end of their grace period:

  • Go to Manage > Review

  • Select a lesson schedule to send the reminder for,

  • Click the three dots at the end,

  • Select "Send Reminder" in the list,

  • A Send Reminder pop up will be displayed,

  • Review details of the automated email and change as required,

  • Click "Send" 

In order to send reminders emails to multiple users, having due or overdue lessons:

  • Click the initials of the trainees displayed next to the name,

  • Select as many users as required,

  • Click "Send Reminders" 

  • "Send Reminders" pop-up will be displayed,

  • Click "Send"

The administrator will have the option to search for different users, navigate between different pages, and could use filters to select trainees. Different options like "Select all visible" can be used to select all trainees displayed in the list. "Clear" could be used to unselect all the trainees selected. 

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