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Change / Cancel Schedule
Change / Cancel Schedule
Manage lesson schedule changes for trainees
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If users are on leave or ill while they have an active lesson schedule, you may need to reschedule their lesson to a future date. Administrators and supervisors will have the option to change user schedules. They may either change the schedule to a different date or cancel the lesson scheduled for a trainee. To reschedule a lesson:

  • Select a user schedule from the list view.

  • Click the three dots,

  • Select "Reschedule Lesson"

  • Change the schedule as required, 

  • Click "Schedule"

Administrators and supervisors can cancel lesson schedule to trainees. For cases where cancellation of schedules is required:

  • Select a user from the list,

  • Click the three dots,

  • Select "Cancel Schedule"

  • "Cancel Schedule" pop-up will be displayed,

  • Click "Yes" to cancel the lesson.

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