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Manually Complete a Lesson
Manually Complete a Lesson
Manually complete a lesson on behalf of a trainee
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In some cases, trainees may not be able to complete a lesson themselves or have done a lesson in a group training session and their data needs to be entered by the administrator in charge. In this case, you can manually complete a lesson on behalf of a trainee. To do so:

  • Select a trainee user in the list view,

  • Click the three dots,

  • Select manually complete, 

  • From the pop-up, check the user details are correct, then enter the required question information

  • Quiz - users must answer a question correctly before they can move on in the lesson, so only the number of attempts is recorded.

  • Test - users can give incorrect answers, so the answer selected is recorded.

  • Once question information has been added, click [Complete] to save results and complete the schedule. IMPORTANT: Results cannot be updated once submitted, so please review carefully.

By The Book

Manually completed users are recorded as complete for report purposes. However, under Lesson Results, the status is shown as “Manual” rather than “Completed” and a tool-tip will detail who was responsible for the manual completion.

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