Skills Overview
Manage the skills for your account.
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From Skills, you can add, edit, reorder and delete the skills associated with your account.

Managing Skills

Skills can be managed in the Skills page accessible from the menu, from here you can add, edit, reorder and delete skills.

How to Add a Skill

To add a Skill for your account, you can;

  1. Click on the 'Add...' button under the Skills title, or if you have no Skills, click on the 'Add your first skill now...' button

  2. Create the name, select the supporting evidence type and optionally, add a description

  3. Click 'Add'

Once you have added the Skill, you will be redirected to the Skill details page.

How to Edit a Skill

To update an existing Skill, select ‘Details’ from the drop-down menu to open the Details page. On this page, you can edit the name, description and the supporting evidence type for the selected Skill.

How to Delete a Skill

To delete an existing Skill, select ‘Delete’ from the menu and confirm that you wish to delete the skill.

How to Reorder Skills

You can change the order in which Skills are displayed (this change is reflected in the Skills Matrix). There are two ways to Reorder a skill.

  1. Select either ‘Move up’ or ‘Move down’ from the menu for the skill. 

  2. Grab the move icon (≡) and drag the Skill to the desired position. 

This will automatically be reflected in the Skills Matrix and its exports.

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