Lesson Details
View and edit the details and settings of your lesson
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The Lesson Details screen allows administrators to manage a lesson that has been created in the Damstra Learning platform

Here, you can -

  • See the currently published version and a draft version of your lesson

  • Create a new draft

  • Enable or disable lesson feedback.

  • Add or remove your lesson from the Library.

  • Enable or disable certificate download features for the lesson


In the overview area, you'll see information about the currently published lesson and also the draft lesson for the next version (if one is available). The published version is the version that your trainees will see when they have scheduled this lesson. 

If you hover your mouse over the current lesson box, buttons will appear with the options to preview your lesson or unpublished the lesson.


The settings area is where you can change how your trainees view this lesson and enable/disable lesson-specific items.

When a lesson is successfully completed, you can enable/disable if a certificate should be generated and presented to the trainee.

When a lesson is completed, you may like trainers to complete a feedback form on the quality of the lesson. The feedback received can be viewed in the Feedback tab. 

Lesson Ratings
As well as lesson comments, you may like trainees to provide a "star rating" of the quality of the lesson.

Add to Library

Enable this checkbox to add the lesson to your on-demand library.

By default, all users can see this lesson in their library. If you wish to restrict it to certain users or groups, you can do so by selecting the Specific Users or Groups option and searching for a particular user or group, as shown in the image below.

By selecting the "Employees" group here, you will restrict it to that group. Only members of the employee's group will be able to see the lesson in their on-demand library. You can add as many Groups and Users as you like. Each group or user selected will be able to see the lesson in their on-demand library.

Once you have finished altering your lesson settings, hit the save button to save your changes. 

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