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Allow trainees to upload skills
Allow trainees to upload skills
Enable skill self service features for your trainees with approval workflows
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When creating and managing skills, you can choose to allow trainees to upload their own skills so they can be reviewed by supervisors and approved.

To allow a skill to be uploaded by the trainee;

  • Go to Manage > Skills

  • Create or edit an existing skill.

  • On the Skill detail page you'll need to enable the following options, Visible to Trainees and Trainees can submit.

  • You can enable the additional third option Supervisor Approval Required If you'd like the trainees skills to be sighted and verified by a supervisor before they are recognised as 'achieved' in the system.

Once these settings are enabled and a trainee uploads this skill, an email is sent to their supervisor or the account administrator to notify them a new skill has been uploaded.  

They will then be able to log in to Velpic and approve skills from the users profile or on in the Review area.

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