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Importing Stems Users into Damstra Learning
Importing Stems Users into Damstra Learning

How to export users from Stems then import them into Damstra Learning

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This article assumes you have setup your Velpic to Stems Integration.

If you are only interested in importing Stems users into Damstra Learning from a CSV then you can skip to the end where the import steps are.

Export Users from Stems

1. Log into Stems then go to Human Resources > HR Reports.

2. Using the filters, select the users you want to export for example you may only want to export users that are still employed.

3. Select the columns you wish to export by right-clicking on the columns then selecting columns under the columns menu item. You can also export everything and remove them later. You will need to export at least the System Id, full name, and email for Damstra Learning but you may also want to include an employee number or a phone number. You can also store other data in Damstra Learning using custom fields in the same way we added a stemsid field.

4. Click Export to Excel on the top right.

5. We need to split the full name into a first and last name for Damstra Learning. To do this I am going to use Google Sheets but you can also use Excel.
Open Google Drive.

6. Drag the Export into Google Drive then right click on it > Open With > Google Sheets.

7. Remove the columns you aren't interested in.

8. Create two new columns on the end called Last Name and First Name

9. Use the Split function in cell E3 to split up the full name in B3. So the formula in cell E3 is =SPLIT(B3, ", ")

10. Export the spreadsheet as a CSV by going to File > Download as > Comma-separated values. Our users are now ready to be imported into Damstra Learning.

Import Stems Users from CSV

1. To import your Stems users into your Damstra Learning account, go to Manage > Users > Import.

2. You can then follow this help document to import users.

3. When you get up to mapping values make sure to map the System Id to the Stems id field we setup earlier.

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