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Restrict a lesson from being manually scheduled
Restrict a lesson from being manually scheduled
How to restrict a lesson being manually scheduled to a group or trainee.
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By default, once a lesson is published the lesson can be scheduled to anyone in the organisation.

You can use manual scheduling restrictions to stop supervisors of a group or user from scheduling a lesson to trainees they supervise.

To restrict the manual scheduling of a lesson

1. Finding the Lesson on the Lesson List and select the lesson name to access the lesson details

2. Once the lesson has been published, you'll see the option for Manual Scheduling

3. You can then select one of three options

  • Everyone - This allows the lesson to be manually scheduled to all users or groups in your organisation by a supervisor.

  • No-one - This lesson can not be manually scheduled by a supervisor.  It can only be automatically scheduled or scheduled by an administrator.

  • Specific Users or Groups  - Supervisors can only manually schedule this lesson to the users or groups specified.

NOTE: Restrictions do not have an effect on admin users. Administrators are privileged users who can schedule any lesson. Only supervisors will be restricted. Automatic schedule rules will still apply.

Existing lesson schedules will remain unchanged after applying restrictions. Also, Restriction will remain unchanged when the lesson is unpublished and published again.

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