If you are having issues watching a Velpic Lesson, please go through the checklist below to rule out common issues.

  • If you have been scheduled a lesson but cannot see it, please first contact your supervisor to ensure no mistake has been made.
  • Ensure you meet the minimum specifications for Velpic.
  • Ensure you have third party cookies enabled. Please refer to the relevant browser instructions on enabling them. 
  • Ensure velpic.net and velpic.com domains are whitelisted on your Adblocker or disabled on those domains.
  • Ensure your organisation's IT support has the velpic.net and velpic.com domains whitelisted.
  • If using the mobile app, ensure you have the latest available version.
  • Velpic is best viewed natively, if you are having issues watching a lesson via remote desktop, try a native browser.
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