In-person training can be an effective complement to the online training you provide your staff.

The Velpic Platform offers a convenient method of documenting and managing instructor led training sessions, and recording the attendance of trainees at these sessions. 

Instructor led training in the Velpic Platform can be divided into two key components.

  • Instructor led lessons
  • Instructor led sessions

An instructor led lesson is similar to a normal velpic lesson. You create a lesson, and schedule it to all of the trainees you would like to complete the lesson.

The key distinction is that once you create an instructor led lesson, you also need to create session times for which trainees will be able to attend to complete the lesson. These are called Instructor led sessions.

A session instructor must verify that the trainee has attended the in-person training session.

When an instructor led lesson has been created, and sessions to complete the lesson have been created. Trainees will be able to view the lesson on their accounts Learn Page, and register for a session time.

The basic flow of instructor led training in Velpic is as follows:

  1. Create an instructor led lesson and schedule trainees to attend the lesson.
  2. Create a series of session times trainees can attend the lesson.
  3. Assign trainees to the instructor led sessions, or wait for them to register on the Learn page in their account.
  4. Complete the instructor led session and mark the trainees as 'attended.'
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