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Instructor-Led Training Overview
Instructor-Led Training Overview
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In-person training can be an effective complement to the online training you provide your staff.

The Damstra Learning Platform offers a convenient method of documenting and managing instructor-led training sessions and recording the attendance of trainees at these sessions. 

Instructor-led training in the Velpic Platform can be divided into two key components.

  • Instructor-led lessons

  • Instructor-led sessions

An instructor-led lesson is similar to a normal Damstra Learning lesson. You create a lesson and schedule it for all of the trainees you would like to complete the lesson.

The key distinction is that once you create an instructor-led lesson, you also need to create session times for which trainees will be able to attend to complete the lesson. These are called Instructor-led sessions.

A session instructor must verify that the trainee has attended the in-person training session.

When an instructor-led lesson has been created, and sessions to complete the lesson have been created. Trainees will be able to view the lesson on their accounts Learn Page, and register for a session time.

The basic flow of instructor-led training in Damstra Learning is as follows:

  1. Create a series of session times trainees can attend the lesson.

  2. Assign trainees to the instructor-led sessions, or wait for them to register on the Learn page in their account.

  3. Complete the instructor-led session and mark the trainees as 'attended.'

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