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Creating Instructor Led Training Sessions
Creating Instructor Led Training Sessions

Create sessions to allow instructors to record attendee progress and results

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To create an instructor-led training session, simply go to the Sessions tab in the management area of the Damstra Learning app. here you will see a list of currently active sessions. To create a new session, select "Add" at the top of the page. Doing so will display the following popup:

There are a few options here.

  1. Lesson: This determines which lesson the session is for. Users which are scheduled to complete that lesson may register for this session

  2. Start and End Dates: This is the expected date and time for which the session will take place. Usually, this will correlate to the in-person training session. When a trainee registers for a session, they will be sent a calendar event for that session with these times.

  3. Location: The place where the session is to take place

  4. Places available: This allows you to restrict the number of trainees that can register for this session. Please note that this limit does not apply when an admin manually assigns a session to a trainee.

  5. Instructor: The user who will run the session. This user will need to be an Administrator or have the instructor role in the Damstra Learning platform. This user can also complete the session.

  6. Session Notes: Extra information which is visible to a trainee when they have signed up for the session.

Once you have set these options select "Create" to create the session.

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