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Adding a course code to STEMs
Adding a course code to STEMs
Override the default Damstra Learning lesson code in STEMs for something a little more readable
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By default, we give a Damstra Learning ID to your lesson in STEMs, but you can now create a custom course code by using the Lesson Custom Field feature (available only on Ultimate plans).

Create lesson custom field

  1. Open up the custom fields page in the Admin tab.

  2. Create a new lesson custom field with the details below

Add Course Code to Lesson

  1. Create or open a draft for the lesson you wish to add a course code to.

  2. Next, open the lesson properties modal by clicking on the pencil next to the name of the lesson

  3. Add the course code you wish to see in STEMs

Once this is done, when a course is scheduled for a trainee, it will be automatically added to STEMS under the course code.

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