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Navigating the sessions page
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For an overview of Instructor Led Training, please read the following article.

The sessions page provides a list of all ILT sessions, and the lessons they have been assigned too. You can access the sessions page as an administrator from Manage > Sessions.

On this page you can -

  • Create new sessions and assign them to a lesson.

  • Filter sessions by Active, Completed, Cancelled.

  • Cancel sessions

  1. Click the 'Add' button to create a new session and assign it to an ILT lesson. For further details on creating a new session, please read the following article.

  2. Select the drop-down menu to filter the list of sessions by Active, Completed, or Cancelled.

  3. The first column in the table contains the location and time of the session (in your local timezone). If you click the link, you will be taken to the session details page, where you can further edit information, or view users registered to attend the session.

  4. The icon at the end of the session row is a drop-down menu. Click the menu for a series of actions. "View session details," "View session attendees," "Cancel Session."

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