Overdue Lesson Reminders
how to use the new overdue lesson reminders feature
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  1. Click the Admin tab, then click Configuration on the side menu and then select Notifications.

2. Now tick the "Overdue Lesson Reminders" option. This will enable overdue lesson reminders for you trainees. 

3. If you would also like overdue lesson reminders for your supervisors about their trainees you may tick the "Supervisor Overdue Lesson Reminders" option.

4. Once at least one of those options is ticked another option will appear. This is the "Recurring Reminder Interval" option. Choose an interval for the frequency of reminders to be sent out (see notes).

5. Once you have chosen an interval make sure to click save at the bottom of the page.


  1. The first reminder will be sent when a lesson is overdue by the chosen recurring interval in days. We will also schedule the reminders to be sent when it's 12pm in the trainee's current timezone.

  2. The "Recurring Reminder Interval" determines how often trainees and supervisors receive their automatic reminders. eg. if the interval is 7 then they will receive a reminder every 7 days. If the interval is 14, they will receive a reminder every 14 days. 

  3. This feature may be used in addition to the existing lesson updates notification option as there will be no double ups in lesson reminders.

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