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GO1 Damstra Learning Plugin
GO1 Damstra Learning Plugin
setup and use of the GO1 Damstra Learning plugin
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The GO1 Damstra Learning plugin enables one-way sync of SCORM lesson content from a GO1 account to Damstra Learning.

Setup GO1 Damstra Learning Plugin

This is the process for setting up the plugin. To set up the plugin you will need access to the GO1 plugin feature in Damstra Learning and an active GO1 portal.

1. Goto Admin -> Integration in Damstra Learning and choose Plugins

2. Click "Add Plugin"

3. Choose the GO1 option

4. Enter a name for your plugin and click the "Add" button

5. Click the "connect to GO1" button

6. Enter the credentials to your GO1 portal (these will not be saved by Damstra Learning)

7. You will now be shown a list of portals to authorise. Choose the portal that you want to be connected.

8. Click the "Authorize Velpic" button

9. The GO1 plugin is now setup.

Sync Lessons from GO1 to Damstra Learning

This is the process for syncing lessons from GO1 to Damstra Learning.

1. Goto Manage -> Lessons in Damstra Learning and click the "Import Content" button on the top left.

2. Click on the text of the plugin that you created.

3. You will be taken to a new screen. On that screen click the "Add GO1 Content" button. A new tab will open to the GO1 portal select page. Choose your portal.

4. Once in your portal click the user menu dropdown and select "Content".

5. Select content from the Marketplace by checking the tick boxes and click the "Add selection to My Library" button

6. View your library by clicking on the "My Library" menu option

7. Once you've added content to your library we are done on the GO1 portal.

8. Go back to the Damstra Learning tab and click the "Sync" button

9. Once they are done syncing the status will change to done.

10. Those lessons are now synced into Damstra Learning

If you have any questions please send your query to Damstra Learning support.

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