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The Velpic - Deputy integration sync Achievements from Velpic as Training in Deputy. Achievements on a user's Velpic Profile will show up under the Training section on their Deputy Profile.


  1. Go to Admin, Integrations, Add Plugin.
  2. Select the Deputy plugin. If you do not see the Deputy plugin then contact our team to organise it.
  3. You should then see the following page:

Get Deputy Details

1. In a new tab, login to your Deputy account.

2. Copy the subdomain from your url and paste it into the sub domain field in Velpic.

3. Go to Enterprise, Devices then 3rd Party OAuth Clients.

4. Create a new Velpic client with the redirect uri: "".

5. Click on "Get an Access Token" and copy the token.

6. Paste the token into the token field in Velpic.

Finish Adding the Deputy Plugin

Back in Velpic, give the Plugin a name and optionally an image then click Add.

Syncing Users

Employees are matched between the two systems using the Employee Number from Velpic and the Payroll Id in Deputy. You can see a user's Payroll Id in Deputy by editing their profile then clicking Pay Details.

Finishing Up

Once the Plugin has been configured and user's have matching identities, any future Achievements will be synced from Velpic to Deputy as Training.

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