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Setup a Damstra Learning to Stems One Integration
Setup a Damstra Learning to Stems One Integration
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  1. Login to Stems One

2. Hover over your Profile Name on the top right and click My Profile

3. Select the API Clients tab

4. Click the Create button

Create a title of your choosing.

Choose Resource Owner as your authentication flow.

Choose resources_stems_api and resources_accounts_api as your scopes (openid is compulsory) then click submit

5. Now click the Create Secret button and note down the secret key that is generated. You will need this later.

6. Now contact Damstra Learning support using the Intercom bubble on the bottom right of the screen and send them the following information from the previous steps

  • Email (not username)

  • Password

  • Client Id

  • Client Secret

The Damstra Learning team will then setup the Stems integration for your account.

While you wait for the team to complete the integration you can prepare your Damstra Learning users for the integration.

7. Log into your Damstra Learning account.

8. We need to add a custom field to store each users' Stems id. To do this navigate to Admin > Custom Fields > Users then click Add Field

9. Fill out the form with the following details:
Name: Stems Id
Field Id: stemsid (should be filled out for you)
Click Save

10. You can now use the Stems Id field on your Damstra Learning users to associate them with their Stems system number.

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