Adding Transitions and Animation
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A transition is an animation you can add to layers in your Velpic video.

Transitions can be added to the start and end of a layer.  Just click the layer you want to add a transition to, and select either "Enable Start Transition' or 'Enable End Transition'.

You can select  the transition type.  

For all transitions you can set the following properties

  • Length - the length in Seconds for the duration of the transition

  • Easing - This is a way to change the way the transition appears.  Linear is the standard easing method and means the animation will appear constantly.  Using different combinations of transition type and easing can give you some cool effects.  

    For example, A bounce and slide down transition on a ball will give the illusion the ball is bouncing into the scene. Have a play!

Apply a Fade Transition

A fade transition will fade the layer in or out depending on the location of the transition

Apply a Slide Transition

A starting slide transition will allow you to move the layer to it's X and Y point from a start location.  An ending slide transition will allow you to move a layer to an X and Y from it's original location

Apply a Zoom Transition

For a zoom transition you can set a zoom percent value.  For a start transition the zoom percent is the value to start from, and for an end transition it is the zoom to end on.  For Example, to zoom something in from nothing, Set the zoom property to 0.

Apply a Rotate Transition

This will rotate the layer anti-clockwise based on the angle property you set.  Setting it to 360 will rotate the layer a full rotation before coming to rest.  To rotate the layer clockwise in full, set a negative angle of -360.

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