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Custom fields for a User
Custom fields for a User
Learn how to add custom fields to track extra information for your users
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You can create custom fields in Damstra Learning to capture additional information about your users in the platform.  This information can then be included in report exports and other areas to help with categorisation of these users!

Creating a Custom Field

To create a custom field, you need to be an administrator.

1. Login to Damstra Learning and browse to Admin > Configuration and select the 'Custom Fields' tab.

3. Select the "Add" button to add a new custom field
4. Enter in details for the new custom field and click save

Add a custom field to self-registration forms

If a user accesses the Damstra Learning platform using a signup key you can use the "Self-registration" option on a custom field.  This will have the field appear on all self-registration forms.

If you want this to be a mandatory field for the trainee,  tick the required option for the custom field.

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