Velpic allows you to store skills that a trainee has attained externally.  

Adding a Skill

1. View the User list, then select view a user's profile.

2. Open the skills tab.

3. Click the "Add skill" button.

4. Select the desired skill

5. If desired, enter the expiry date or achieved date.

7. Add any supporting documents, which can be optional, required or not allowed.

8. Click "Add"

Once you have added the skill, you will be taken back to the user skills list which will show the user has achieved this skill.

Skill options

Once a skill has been added, you can edit the skill for a trainee, remove it or download a certificate that's been uploaded.  To access these options;

1. View the User list, then select view a user's profile

2. Open the skills tab

3. Click the three dots on the skill row that you're interested in

4. Choose the option you are interested in

5. When editing a skill you can update the following details 

  • Achieved Date

  • Expiry Date

  • If the skill is a certification, the certificate

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