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Configuration: Notifications
Configuration: Notifications
Update platform configuration for how your users receive email notifications
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In the Notifications view in Configuration, you can modify settings that relate to the email notifications that your users receive on actions within the system.

An explanation of each of the notification checkboxes can be found below.


Lesson Schedule Updates

When enabled, trainees will receive updates about lessons they've been scheduled in Damstra Learning.  These updates include when a trainee has first scheduled a lesson, or if their lesson schedule is cancelled or changed in any way.

Lesson Completed

You can choose who receives a notification when trainees complete a lesson.  The options allow for;

  • Account Owner - Lesson complete emails are sent to the owner of your Damstra Learning account.

  • Supervisors - Lesson complete emails will be sent to the supervisors of that user 

  • Specific Users - Lesson complete emails will only be sent to users specified

  • None - All lesson completed emails will be suppressed.

Email Certificates on Lesson Completion
If lesson certificates have been enabled, when a trainee completes a lesson, they will receive an email congratulating them on completing the lesson, along with an attached copy of the lesson certificate.

Instructor Led Training Sessions

Session Created Emails for instructors

Send an email notification to an instructor when a session they are instructing is created.

Session Registration Emails for Trainees

Notify a trainee when they are assigned a session for an instructor led training session.

Session Registration Emails for Instructors

Notify an instructor when a trainee is registered for one of their instructor led training sessions.

Additional Session Registration Emails

Notify specific users when a trainee is registered for an instructor led training session

Session Cancellation Emails for Trainees
Email trainees when a session they are registered for is canceled.

Session Cancellation Emails for Instructors

Email the session instructor when their session has been canceled.


Welcome to Velpic Emails

This email is sent to a user when they are created in Damstra Learning.  This email has their username and password.  If disabled, users will not receive any welcome email and they will need to reset their password to gain access to Damstra Learning.

Self Registration

Users defined for self-registration emails will be notified when a user joins Damstra Learning using a signup key.  Find out more about signup keys here

System Notifications

System notifications are emails that are sent from Damstra Learning relating to unexpected events in the platform, for example, if an email is sent to a user and the email address no longer exists.

Magic Links
Magic Links are special links contained in emails, that when clicked, automatically log the trainee into their account without requiring a username or password. You can enable/disable this functionality here.

Magic Link Expiry
You can specify how long an email magic link should be valid, from one day through to a year.

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