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Set up requirements for achievement badges to reward your trainees
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Motivate trainees to progress on training by rewarding them with achievements.

You can create Achievements by linking them to lessons completed or skills attained.

Enable Gamification Settings

First, you need to enable gamification for your Velpic account.  

To do this;

  • Login as an Administrator.

  • Go to Admin > Configuration.

  • Select the Features tab on the configuration page.

  • Enable the Gamification setting.

You will see an additional menu item in the Manage section that allows you to create Achievements.

Create an Achievement:

Once the Gamification settings are enabled:

  • Select Achievements from the left menu in the Manage view.

  • Select the Add button to create an achievement.

Set up the achievement

There are six parts to creating a customised Achievement:

  1. Name - Add a relevant name (e.g. Sales 101).

  2. Description - Add a description that will be visible to trainees (e.g. For completing  sales induction lessons).

  3. Icon - Select from a choice of available icons.

  4. Icon Colour - Enter the colour as a hex code.

  5. Base - Select from a choice of base shapes.

  6. Base Colour - Enter the colour as a hex code.

Set the availability

Now, specify which trainees can view or attain this Achievement. By default, every trainee has access to it.  

You can specify individual users or groups that can have access to this Achievement. Just search for them and add to your list.

Define the requirements

The last step is to define the requirements that must be met for the trainee to attain the Achievement.

To add a requirement:

  • Select the "Add" button in the requirement section.

  • Select the type of requirement (Skill or Complete Lesson).

  • Select the skill or lesson as part of the requirement.

NOTE: You can only select an active lesson as a complete lesson requirement. If you do not have any skills to choose from, see this article about creating skills for users.

Once complete, select Save and your Achievement will be available and visible to trainees to attain!

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