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Creating a lesson with a Damstra Learning Module
Creating a lesson with a Damstra Learning Module
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Damstra Learning Modules allow for the creation of rich and interactive lesson content with images audio and animation using the Damstra Learning Module Editor. 

To Create a Damstra Learning Module in a lesson

1. Go to the lessons view and click "Create...".

2. Enter a name for the lesson and leave Instructor-Led unchecked

4. Select Add Module.

3. Enter a name and description for the module you would like to create and click Continue

3. Select Create a Damstra Learning Module. This will be the first module in your new lesson.

This will bring you to the Damstra Learning Module Editor. The Damstra Learning Module Editor's layout has 4 main areas. 

1. Slide Panel - The Slide panel contains a list of the slides in your Damstra Learning Module.

2. Timeline - The Timeline panel contains the current timeline of the selected slide and the list of assets for the slide.

3. The Work Area - The work area is the common place where most of your editing happens.

4. The Properties Panel - The last area for properties shows contextual information about the object you are currently editing. In the Slide view, it will show information about the Slide.

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