Editing Lesson Properties
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The Properties panel displays information for the current selected slide. Here you will also be able to edit and view the details.

Lesson Details

Title: The slide name will only be displayed to the editor.

Created: The created date of the version of the lesson you are editing

Assets: The total number of assets against the maximum allowed.

Slides: The slide number within the current module.

End Transition Properties: Determine how the slide will transition to the next.

By clicking the Pencil icon next to the Module Title, you will be able to edit the Module properties. 

Module Name: The name of this module will be displayed to users in the menu tab of the player.

Skippable: Choose whether this particular module is skippable by your trainees.

Background Audio: Upload your MP3 file that will be played in the background.

Background Audio Volume: Adjust the volume settings to your desired level.

Hit [Save] on the Module Properties, hit [Save] again for the Module and Exit Editor to go back to the Module Overview.

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