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Key Areas

  1. Active Lesson Status

  2. Breakdown of user numbers by Status

  3. Monthly active users and your recently logged in users

  4. Completed Lessons Graph

Lesson Statuses

Active lessons are those that are currently scheduled to users, and have yet to be completed. While lessons are in the “active” state, the schedules can be updated and lessons can be watched by users (with the exception of the “Scheduled” state). A breakdown of lesson statuses is given below:

Scheduled - The lesson is scheduled to a user for a future start date.

Due - The lesson’s start date has been reached, but the grace period has not been exceeded.

Overdue - The lesson’s grace period has been exceeded.

Completed - The lesson had been completed, either via an active schedule or via the On Demand Library.

Schedule Info
Completed Schedules are not considered “active” as they are no longer considered schedules. The Completed Lessons graph shows an overview of all lessons completed within the specified date range. Change the date range by selecting a new option from the date dropdown.

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