Lesson Structure: Create Chapters
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Diagram #: Damstra Learning Editor - Chapter View

Building a lesson structure involves the following:

  • Create modules (which are initially empty of content) as containers for slides

  • Select module type Damstra Learning Module - for creating video slides from scratch, Document, Video.

  • Fill Velpic modules with slides (which also start out as empty of content)

  • Save Lesson and click [OK] on confirmation notice that your work has been saved.

Think of modules as your first-level Table of Contents or Menu, and slides as the envelopes for organising your content under each chapter.

Starting from Module view, begin by doing this:

  • Add a new module: From the Add Module button.

  • Select module type: A box will appear with module selections.

  • If you have chosen Damstra Learning Module, you can add images, text, and audio to slides to create a Damstra Learning Video.

  • Name your Damstra Learning lesson: From the Edit (pencil icon) button in the module view.

  • Save Lesson: regularly from the button on the top right corner (this is required for Damstra Learning Modules, other module types will be saved automatically).

Module Options
After your main structure and content have been added, you may also do this from Chapter view:

  • Add Assessments: From the second button on the top menu bar.

  • Add Additional Documents: Navigate to the third tab in the top menu bar.

  • Return to Administrator dashboard: Click anywhere on the left menu.

  • Create another lesson: From the top left corner, click [Create].

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