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Schedule a user to view a lesson
Schedule a user to view a lesson
Learn how to manually or automatically schedule lessons to trainees.
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There are two ways to schedule users to lessons in Velpic; manually, or via automatic rules.

To manually schedule a user a lesson

  • Go to the Manage tab on the header navigation.

  • Select Lessons from the left hand navigation

  • Select the Lesson to schedule by clicking the name of the lesson.

  • Click the Users Scheduled tab. If there are already users scheduled to this lesson they will appear as a list on this screen.

  • To add new user schedules, select Schedule a User, a pop-up will appear.

  • From the pop-up, select the start date for the schedule and updated the Grace Period if required

  • Click on users to add as required. If an incorrect selection has been made, click a user again to deselect.

  • Click the [Schedule] button.

Users who already have a schedule set-up for the selected lesson will not display in the user selection pop-up.

Automatically Scheduling

1. From the lesson page, click the menu dropdown and select ‘Automatic Schedule.’

2. Click the ‘Add New Rule’ button, a menu dropdown will appear with the following rules.

  • New User Rule - when users are added to Velpic, immediately schedule them with the grace period specified.

  • Recurring Rule - Repeat any existing schedule at the specified interval, i.e every 3 months, with the grace period specified.

  • Group Rule - Assign all users in the selected group(s) to a lesson schedule, with the specified grace period. When a new group member is added, a lesson schedule will also be applied from the date they are added.

  • Lesson Completion Rule - Require prerequisite lessons to be completed by a user before the next lesson is scheduled.

3. On selection, the new rule will appear on the page with fields for customising the rule.

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