What is a Layer?
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A layer is a piece of content added to a slide.

There are four different types of layers and four ways they can be added to a Damstra Learning slide:

  • Add Text (each text box is one layer)

  • Add image (each image is one layer)

  • Add sound (each .mp3 file is one layer)

  • Add hotlink (each URL link is one layer)

To perform each task, click on its icon in the left toolbar.

In addition, the top toolbar provides the following editing functions from left to right:

With the first four icons, you can do this to a layer -

  • Cut | Copy | Paste | Delete

With the next four icons, you can do this to a layer -

  • Bring to Front | Bring Forward | Send Backwards | Send to Back

A professionally presented multimedia video that boosts learning retention allows a learner to:

  • See moving images and text, and

  • Hear words, sounds and music

With the above in mind, this the recommended order for adding layers to a slide:

  • Add images (.jpg or .png)

  • Add image transition

  • Add words

  • Add voiceover (.mp3 only)

  • Add URL hotlink (Any webpage or file)

Diagram #: Damstra Learning Editor - Cover screen and menu bar of training video (authoring tool)

This training video was created in Damstra Learning. Notice the highlighted Menu button on the bottom left, which you can click on to display a list of Chapter titles for easy navigation. After familiarising yourself with the process of adding different types of content layers to your slides, feel free to adapt it for your own purposes.

Please note that the video is designed to allow you to click back to the start of any Chapter for repeated viewing, but not let you click on the horizontal timeline below the video to restart it at just any point. You may, however, pause at any time, then unpause to play it forward.

You may notice that the screens in the video look different from your current screens, which were updated in recent weeks. Please bear with us as we are always keen to release the latest improvements for your use, and shall update the video in due course. Thank you for your patience and understanding. Meanwhile, there is no change in what you can do in Velpic to create professional training videos in-house quickly and easily.

Now, let’s return to the left toolbar and add each type of content layer to your slide in the recommended order of images, transition, words, voiceover, and URL hotlink.

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