You can customise your Velpic platform and user login page with your organisation’s branding.

Custom Web Address

A custom Velpic web address (e.g. gives you a single login point for your Velpic users that can be customised, branded and styled for your organisation.

Velpic web addresses can be set by the Owner of your account. These are shown by default the first time you login to the platform.

If you would like to change your web address after you've initially set it, please contact us at

Customising the look and feel of Velpic

You can customise the user interface of your Velpic account by:

  • Adding your logo
  • Adding a login background colour or image
  • Selecting custom colours

These options are available under Manage > Configuration > Platform.

When you set a logo for your organisation, it will appear in the following places:

  • On the login screen for your organisation's web address
  • On the top left header of the Velpic application
  • On any certificates that are generated within Velpic

To upload a logo:

  • Login as an Administrator or the account Owner.
  • Go to the Configuration > Platform.
  • Scroll to the User Interface section.
  • Select the logo from your computer to upload.
  • Save your changes.

Change the login background

You can customise the Velpic login screen by replacing the standard background image with a unique colour or image.

To change the background:

  • Log in as an Administrator or account Owner.
  • Go to  Configuration > Platform.
  • Scroll to the User Interface section.
  • Select the background from your computer to upload or select a colour using the colour picker.
  • Save your changes.

Colour customisation

Once a logo and background have been selected, you can choose the colours for your Velpic account. These colours are replaced throughout the Velpic application as well as on the login page.

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