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How to embed fonts into your PowerPoint and Word documents
How to embed fonts into your PowerPoint and Word documents
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When Microsoft PowerPoints and Word documents are uploaded to Velpic they are converted into a playable format for trainees to consume. In some instances our servers do not have the fonts that you have included in your presentation and may not display as expected.

To ensure your fonts are displayed correctly when viewed you can do one of the following;

Embed fonts into your document

PowerPoint and Word on windows support the embedding of fonts during save. To do this.

1. Click on the Files and select Options from the Menu.

2. When the Options open switch over to the Save section.  Check the embed fonts in the file option.

Once you save again your font will be embedded within your document and when uploaded it will be rendered correctly.

Print or export as PDF before upload

If your version of Microsoft office does not support font embed then you will need to export or print your document to PDF.

To Print to PDF

On Windows

1. Print the document.

2. In the print options, select the Printer dropdown and choose "Microsoft Print to PDF"

3. If you do not have this option available to you, then you are more than likely using a version of Windows older than 10.  You will need to install a third party PDF print driver such as CutePDF Writer.

On Mac OSX

1. Print the document

2. In the system print options, look for the PDF button in the bottom right corner and select  "Save as PDF..."

To Export to PDF

In the PowerPoint of Office

1. Select File > Export ...

2. When the export dialog appears, select PDF as the file format.

3. Select Export

Once you have a PDF version of your document you can upload it as a Document Module to Velpic.

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