Creating a lesson with a Video Module
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Video modules allow for the creation of video lesson content without using the Dasmtra Learning editor. These are perfect for video content that you have already created to upload into Damstra Learning. You can upload your existing MP4, MOV, and AVI files as video modules.

To Create a video module in a lesson

  1. Go to the lessons view and click New Lesson.

  2. Select Module Lesson and create a name

3. Select the file you wish to upload. This will be the first module in your new video lesson.

4. In the edit lesson screen you can choose to add additional Document or Video modules by clicking "Add Module.."

5. Click the edit icon on a module to view the properties and 'Edit that File Name' - The name of the module, 'Module is Skippable' - defines whether or not the user can skip that module during the completion of the lesson and also 'Remove Module' - Deletes the module completely from the lesson

6. Modules can be reordered by dragging and dropping the module.

Preview and Publish

Once you are happy with your structure click the Preview button to view the module in its entirety.
Click the publish button to make it live. Once it is published you can schedule it using a manual or automatic schedule rule, or add it to the library, just like a Damstra Learning lesson.

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