Add an Assessment
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You can add a Test or Quiz assessment to gather learning results for trainees completing lessons. To add an assessment to a document lesson;

1. On the Edit Document Lesson Screen, click the Assessment tab to open up the assessment editor

2. To select the assessment type, click "Settings". You can choose a Quiz or Test.  You can choose a pass rate for a test if required. 

3. You can add questions for your assessment for each module. To add a question click the Add Question... button for that module.

To Create a question

  1. Select the question type

  2. Enter the question text

  3. Add the answers for the question and select the correct ones by pressing the Incorrect/Correct toggle.

  4. Answers can be reordered by dragging using the handle. 

  5. 'Show advanced options' gives you access to additional features like help text.

  6. Questions can be reordered or shifted amongst module by using the handle.

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