Adding Audio
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In this example from the Velpic Editor Guide video, let’s add an audio file to the lesson.

There are two ways to add audio.

  1. Click on the [Add Audio icon] (1) or music note on the left toolbar, select an .mp3 file from your computer, open it, and see it load.

  2. Drag and drop an .mp3 file from your computer.

Every time you add an audio file to your slide, its timeline appears under the canvas, and now the timeline accommodates the longest layer.

In the example, the image and text files that came before were a few seconds long, and after an audio file of 106 seconds long was added, the visual length of the horizontal timeline now represents 106 seconds (2), and not just a few seconds. Visually, the timelines of the image and text layers look much shorter in comparison to the audio layer’s timeline.

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