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Adding an Annotation to a Damstra Learning video lesson
Adding an Annotation to a Damstra Learning video lesson
Written by Damstra Technology
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You can add an annotation to your Damstra Learning video lesson to create interactive actions within your lesson, including;

  • Link to an external URL

  • Pause the video

  • Play the video

Adding an annotation

To add an annotation, click on the [Insert annotation icon] on the left toolbar.

  • Every time you click on this icon, you add a layer to the slide. A grey square appears on the canvas and its timeline appears under the canvas.

  • The grey box is what a user clicks to open up the URL stated in the Properties > Annotation section of the Properties panel on the right of the canvas.

To adjust the size of the clickable area to the whole slide, move the grey square to the top left, then drag its bottom right corner down and to your right to expand it fully till it fills up the whole slide.

To set the action, choose ‘open link’, ‘play’, or ‘pause’ from Annotation > Action. Different contextual sub-actions are available based on your choice.

To set the URL, type in or cut and paste the URL into the text field of Annotation > Link (the default URL is

You may change the opacity (or transparency) of the clickable area via Annotation > Opacity, or set this value as zero to make the annotation ‘invisible’.

You may change its colour from grey to another colour via Annotation > Colour.

As an option, if you set the annotation on Pause and make the annotation ‘invisible’ by setting Opacity to zero, you may like to add a text layer to ask them to click on the slide for the desired outcome. The outcome could be to open a webpage, download a document, play a video, or more. Anything is possible as long as that content is on the URL that the annotation points to.

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