How to create a Quiz or Test
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Diagram #Q1: Questionnaire click through button in Editor’s Chapter view.

  • From Lessons view in Velpic Administrator, select the lesson, and click [Edit] to open Chapter view in Velpic Editor.

  • Click the [Assessment] button on the top tool bar to open up the options page for Assessments.

Diagram #Q2: Questionnaire - Pick the type you want, Quiz or Test using the [Settings] button.

  • Select the Assesssment type [Quiz] or [Test] to open the questionnaire structure page pre-populated with the names of chapters. (Compare Quiz and Test Questionnaires)

Diagram #Q3: Click on New Question to add question to quiz.

  • You can add questions to the quiz, and as you do, the text for the questions appear on the Question column of the table.

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