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A questionnaire is a great way to boost what learners remember of your video lesson as it takes a learner out of a passive video watching state, switches them to an active state and invites them to interact with your training content.

There are two types of questionnaires in Velpic: Quiz and Test.


Quiz trainees on what they know and let them learn repeatedly till they know the content. Most training companies use the Quiz format to help learners learn better.


Test learners on how much they know and capture how much they don’t know. Use this format for assigning tests for certifications.

What is the difference between a quiz and a test?

A Quiz allows multiple incorrect answers for a question, but they must get the question right to proceed to the next one.  The number of attempts they took to get the correct answer is recorded.

In a Test, the user can proceed on an incorrect answer and the result recorded is the percentage of correct questions as well as the incorrect answers they selected.

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