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The Supervisor Role
The Supervisor Role

Learn about the supervisor role and how to grant it to a user

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Supervisors are users who are given additional abilities to update and manage the users in the group they are assigned to or any users they directly supervise. 

Some of the actions a supervisor can take are:

  • Send Reminders, Change Schedules and create new Schedules for users in their group(s).

  • Manually Complete schedules.

  • View Completed and Detailed reports.

  • Manage group(s) user details & Reset Passwords.

Giving a user supervisor access

Firstly, Administrators in Velpic already have supervision rights for all groups and cannot be set as a supervisor of a group.

To make a user a supervisor of a group;

  • Go to the group's profile page for the group you want to add the user to as a supervisor

  • In the supervisor's field, search for the user and select them from the drop-down

  • Select the save button

To make a user a direct manager;

  • Go to the user's page and search for the user you want the supervisor to manage

  • Select the user by clicking their name in the list

  • In the user profile page, search for the user on the Direct Manage field

  • Select the save button.

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