How to Publish a Lesson
Once you create your content, publish it for your trainees.
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After you've finished editing your lesson you'll want to publish it so your changes are made available to your trainees.  
To do this;

  • Select a lesson in the lesson view and open it via the Edit button.

  • Preview Draft it to ensure that it is how you want it.

  • In Modules or Assesment view, click [Publish] on the top right corner of the screen.

  • Note: You can only Publish after all Modules have finished converting.

This action brings you back to the Lessons page.

Publishing statuses

  • If the lesson has never been published before, its status shows a grey UNPUBLISHED bar.

  • The lesson is published and its status shows a green PUBLISHED bar.

  • Every time a lesson is published, it is given a version number (1, 2, 3, and so on).

Best Practice
For successful publishing, every lesson must contain Modules, every Module must contain Slides, and every Slide must contain at least one Layer.

If you get a CONVERTING ERROR status, check for empty modules or slides and publish again. If you still encounter a rendering error, please contact our support team.

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