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Create a Signup key to allow users to self register
Create a Signup key to allow users to self register
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Signup keys are a great way to allow users self register if you do not have a complete list of your training audience (e.g. contractors or external staff)

To create a new sign-up key:

  • Select [Add].

  • Fill in the Name, and add a Description if required.

  • If required, set a Number of Uses. The number of uses caps sign-ups after a specific number has been reached.

  • By default, signup keys are active upon creation.

  • Click [Save] when done.

After creation, you will be taken to the Manage signup key page. Here, you can alter more details about the key. 

On this screen, you can change the Name, Description and Remaining use count which were set during key creation. In addition, you can elect to change the start and end date for the signup key. These dates determine when the key will be active. 

If you have access to the groups feature, you can add groups to the key as well. Any users who sign up with this key will be automatically added to those groups. 

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