Once you've created a key it will appear in the Signup key list.

Update an existing Key

The key you wish to edit in the list and select the ellipsis at the end of the row. In the menu that appears, select manage. Alternatively, you can simply select the key name in the list. This will take you to the manage page

This page will show you all of the details of the signup key. Below is a quick reference for each of these values.

  • Name: This is the name of the key. This is a required field, meaning it cannot be left empty.

  • Description: Here you can set a short description for this key.

  • Code: This is the signup key code. This is what users supply to the registration page to sign up for the system. Although it cannot be changed, selecting it will copy it to your clipboard, allowing you to easily copy and paste the value. 

  • Signup URL: This is a URL that you can give to your users to allow them to sign up for Velpic. Users who use this link will be treated as if they had already entered the signup key. It cannot be changed, but selecting it copies the URL, allowing you to easily copy and paste the value. 

  • Count Users: This is the number of users who have used the signup key.

  • Remaining Uses: This is the number of uses remaining on the key. This number goes down by 1 each time a user uses the key. If it hits 0, the key will not be usable anymore. You can optionally leave this field empty to create a key with no limit on it's usage.

  • Start Date: The date from which the key will be active. Users will not be able to use the key before this date.

  • End Date: The date after which the key will be inactive. Users will not be able to use the key after this date. This can be optionally left blank to create a key with no end date.

  • Groups: The groups which users who use the key will be put into. In order to use groups, you will need to be on a plan which has the Groups feature.

After making your changes, select [Save] to save your changes.

Inactivate a Signup key

To inactivate a key, you can select the [Inactivate] button at the top of this screen. Alternatively, you can select the [Inactivate] option in the Ellipsis menu mentioned earlier. If a key is inactive, users will not be able to use it. 

For inactive keys, the [Inactivate] buttons will change to [Activate]. Selecting these buttons will once again make the key active.

Who Keeps The Keys?
Inactive keys are not deleted completely from Velpic, so you are able to see historic data as normal.

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