Adding a User

Learn how to create a user and give them access as a trainee

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There are two ways to add users to the Damstra Learning platform; manually, or via an import.

Manually Adding Single User:

  • Go to the Manage > Users

  • Select Add

  • In the dialog enter the details for the new user.

  • Select the user role, either "Trainee", "Admin" or both. By default "Trainee" is selected.

User Roles

There are currently five user roles in the Damstra Learning system.

Admin: This user type has access to the administrator area and all admin privileges, e.g. Managing groups, importing users, scheduling lessons, etc. They do not, however, have the ability to view lessons or have scheduled assigned to them.

Trainee: The Trainee user type should be selected for all users who need lessons scheduled to them, and are expected to view content from the Damstra Learning platform. These users do not have the ability to perform administrative tasks.

Editor: Granting the Editor role to a user gives them the ability to create and edit lessons within your platform.  Read more about the editor role

Supervisor: A Supervisor role is granted with a set of permissions to manage users within a group.  The role is assigned when a user is specifically added as a Supervisor or a direct manager.  It is not a role that can be selected in the role field for a user. Learn about granting the supervisor role

Instructor: The instructor is the role of a face-2-face trainer, if the lesson has been set up the instructor can create dates/times for 'Sessions'. Once the session is complete the Instructor can close the session.

If an Admin user needs to watch lessons within the Damstra Learning platform, they will also need to have the "Trainee" user role set.

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