Editing a Group

Edit a group's information, sub-groups, supervisors and members

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To edit an existing group’s name, select the group from the group's list.

The following basic information can be updated for a group

  • Name - A unique name for your group

  • Description - An optional description for your group

  • Parent Group - This is the parent group this group should belong to.  If changed, your group will become a subgroup. 

  • Supervisors - A list of users who can manage and report on members of that group.

Add a trainee to a group as a member

Select the Members tab on the group profile page to view the members of the group.

Once there you can Add a member by;

  1. Selecting the Add Member button.

  2. In the Add Member popup select the members you want to add and select the Add button.

Remove Member from a group

On the member list, view the options for a user by selecting the three dots on the right of the row.  Once the menu opens, select the Remove from Group option in the list. 

Deleting a Group

Remove a group by selecting the delete group button in the top right-hand corner of the group profile page.


  • Deleting a group will remove all automatically scheduled rules applied to that group. 

  • Deleting a group will not remove related users from the system.

  • You cannot delete a group that has subgroups.

Adding a Subgroup

Select the Subgroups tab on the group profile page to view a list of subgroups that are set up.

Click Add Sub-group and specify the new group's information

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