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Adding Additional Resources to a Lesson
Adding Additional Resources to a Lesson
Attach documents and files to lessons for your trainees to download as part of their learning.
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To add additional resources to your Module

Now you can upload a document or file that you'd like your trainees to have access to when they watch their lesson. Good for those Policy documents, checklist templates, or working examples!  These appear available during the lesson and after completion.

1. Go to Manage Lesson view and select Edit from the more options dropdown.

2. When you're in the Lesson Content view, select the Additional Resources tab

3. Select the Upload button

4. Enter a name and a description.  Then upload your file, and select save

5. Your new additional resource has now been added to your Module!

You can now Publish whenever you are ready, manually schedule it to your users or set up an Automatic Schedule Rule.

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