The Editor Role

Give users the power to create and edit lesson content

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Granting the editor role to a user gives them the ability to create and edit lessons within your platform.

Editors have access to the Manage tab with the Lessons view

Editor Permissions

Once a user has been given the editor role they'll be able to:

  • Create new lessons

  • Edit existing lessons and create new drafts

  • View lesson results

  • View lesson feedback

What an Editor cannot do

  • Publish or un-publish the lesson, Administrator need to approve and publish lessons.

  • Change lesson settings (e.g. adding / removing a lesson from the library, enabling feedback)

  • Delete a lesson

  • Schedule users to watch a lesson

How to grant a user the Editor role

To grant a user the editor role:

1. Go to the users list Manage > Users

2. Find the user you want to grant the role to

3. Select their name to access their profile

4. Add the role and save the user

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